What Wealth Brings

Most Americans love rags to riches stories. Perhaps you are starting on your journey to your first million. Have you ever wondered what it will be like when you get there? What does wealth really bring?

Here are some of the things I have seen wealth supply.


When you have more than enough money to meet your needs you begin to have choices. Instead of stumbling out of bed each day to drive to a job you may not like, you can take a chance on doing something more congruent with your life’s goals.

Instead of having to buy used clothes at a thrift store or new ones on sale with coupons, you can walk into any store, anywhere and get what you want.

Instead of settling for treatment at the local clinic, you can seek the best care for your condition.


The stress you felt when you were climbing out of the debt mountain or overcoming the need to scrape by each year – barely meeting your expenses with your income – that stress is gone.

The arguments you and your spouse used to have over money may now be a thing of the past. With enough to cover all of the family’s needs and most of their wants, why fight?


There is nothing quite like knowing that you will be OK, no matter what the economy does, no matter if you keep your job or not, no matter where your child wants to go to college!

Financial security means being able to meet your needs into the foreseeable future, and knowing that you can regain lost wealth should that ever occur.

True wealth brings you the security of knowing that you are capable of taking care of yourself and your family.


Because you have choices, peace and security, you become more content with your life. As your wealth builds you begin becoming more congruent in all aspects of living. You begin doing the things you dreamed of doing, you begin enjoying the moment, you begin living the way you believe and you begin thinking more philosophically – musing on the higher planes about life.

Toys if you want them.

Of course, with wealth, comes the ability to buy do-dads if you want them. You can get that boat without having to do without something the family needs. You can take on that expensive hobby of collecting things you like, you can travel extensively without worry that you are using up next years supper money.

However, by the time you have financial wealth, you may realize that it isn’t the toys that are the real reward.

Ability to give.

Although we can all give throughout our lives, at the level we can at each age we reach, when you have wealth, you have greater ability to give. You may have more time available to spend on philanthropy and of course you may have more money to support the causes in which you believe.

What do you believe wealth brings?