Look Who Left a Legacy

My Aunt recently sent me a beautiful email full of superb pictures – each with a message at the bottom. Throughout the series of pictures, the message remained the same. When it is our time to pass on, it isn’t what we did, or saw, or earned or had or learned during our life that is important at the end – it is what we left behind of ourselves. Our legacy is what counts. My Aunt will leave a great one.

We all hear about the legacies the rich and famous may leave – things like the Bill and Miranda Gates foundation, presidential libraries and philosophies, meditation and self help organizations such as those established by Billy Graham and etc.

But what of the legacy that we ordinary citizens leave? Do our legacies count?

Just to see what the pulse is, I typed in the words “Left a legacy” into my internet browser. Screenfuls of newspaper and other items came back. It seems ordinary citizens do leave legacies and they are recognized. They may be legacies of money or charitable donations, or they may be legacies of action or love, or they may be legacies of service and hope.

Here are just a few excerpts of those legacies left behind.

From the Mercury News  –  “Native San Josean Jeanice Owens left a towering legacy in city of her birth.”

She was noted for having raised a million dollars in donations to the Goodwill – and she did it by organizing vintage clothing shows starting in the 1960’s. She called them Elegance of Yesteryear.  She died just two weeks ago.

From the FayObserver (Fayetteville Arkansas)  – “Moses Mathis left a legacy of caring”

He was known as ‘the bicycle man’ and loved re-habing old bikes and giving them away to kids – especially at Christmas.

The U.S. Army website honored  retired Lt. Gen. Larry Dodgen

In the article, the author noted that:

“both personally and professionally, Dodgen “personified excellence” with a deep set of values, impeccable integrity, rock-solid credibility, well-reasoned decision making skills, an infectious personality and competitive athletic nature.”

From Syracruse.com  ‘ “Liverpool woman left a legacy of charity”

Ann Alger wanted her quilts to speak for her after death, so she asked friends to hold a quilt show, and give each of the 41 quilts she made before death to a charity to auction off.

According to the article

“Susan Segreti, Alger’s friend and neighbor said Alger was very charitable and she wanted to make a difference in the community. Alger’s will shows that she left nearly $70,000 to charities.”

“She amazed me because she had no boundaries when it came to helping people,” Segreti said. “Her spirit extends beyond the border of Liverpool.”

Segreti said Alger left a legacy of giving, education and kindness.

Nebraska radio station – KBRX Top Dog in Country   notes that  -“GARY CHVALA LEFT A LEGACY”

The author says that legacy is something people talk about but never are sure what it will be.

“The longtime teacher, coach, husband, father and friend to many will be remembered a little differently by everyone, but none will be able to forget the impact left by his presence in their life.”

His coaching skills were noted, but according to the author, skills off the court would be more remembered:

“Whether it was the life lessons and extra attention he bestowed on those he taught, or the time he would take to make someone feel important, Gary did his best work away from the sidelines in a gym.”

The Denver Post reported that – “Architect Charles Sink left a legacy of modernism in Denver”

His legacy included more than 250 buildings throughout the west.

Finally, the Telegraph, noted a legacy we could all leave in – “Bernie Nolan left legacy of love for teenage daughter”.

She died at age 52 leaving a 14 year old daughter. To ease her daughter’s grief and to continue to provide guidance, love and support post death, Bernie left a series of messages for her daughter.

Now, I think I need to go make that video recording for my kids and grand kids!!!

Who in your life left a legacy?  What was it?

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