Readers: What Do You Want to Hear About?

I thank all of you who come to read – or at least – browse this blog. I really would appreciate your thoughts on topics you want to see covered.

Please suggest topics in line with the mission of our Family Money Values site and blog.

Remember that our mission is to help families use their values to keep their wealth and well being for generations to come. We strive to provide information, tools, education, resources and communities to help you strengthen your family so that you can build and maintain your family’s human and financial resources for multiple generations.

We want to learn and share with you the “secrets” of the ultra wealthy to help prepare you to deal with the wealth you have or are striving to obtain.

Any pertinent suggestions are welcome, whether for specific targeted topics or just broad areas.

Ebook and blog suggestions are welcome!

Like many aspiring authors, one of these days I’m going to write a book – probably an eBook. If I have covered any topic in the blog or on the site on which you would like more information, lease let me know.

Some of the topics I am toying with for a book include:

  • A money camp guide – with step by step instructions on how to organize and conduct one with your kids or grandkids along with free resources to use and educational standards to consider.
  • A children’s book of financial fables – such as A Slave for Great Black Bear.
  • A guide to holding family meetings with extended family.
  • A how to book on systematizing your blog.

Do any of these sound interesting enough for you to purchase?

Readers! Please put your suggestions for future topics into a comment below.