Best of the Past

Hello all, I’m on a week of self discovery this week and so am going to avoid writing one post and instead, give you a tour of the best of the past years posts both here at Family Money Values and on other sites for which I have written.

 Family Money Values Best

I picked these based on traffic received and personal preference.

Top 5 blog posts:

Dad’s Stock Investment Plan

My Dad had a structured plan that (when followed) tries to take advantage of the cycles in the market.

It causes you to buy more shares when the price is on a downward trend, save more in a reserve fund when the price is going up, and helps you figure out when to sell. It is similar to dollar cost averaging investing, but with a trigger to sell and take profits.

What is Your Favorite Board Game to Teach Financial Literacy?

Here are my favorite financial board games, along with what they can teach your kid and little known facts about the games!

Parents as Resources for Adult children

Mistakes I made in my youth in not taking advantage of the resources my parents offered to me!

My Classroom Economy – a Financial Literacy Program from Vanguard

Get involved with your student’s financial life at school and encourage the teacher and school to get on board with this new program.

Get Involved in Your Grandchild’s Personal Finance Education

Why you should be involved and how you can do it.

Top 5 articles on the site:

Irene Rosenfeld – Kraft Foods Female CEO

Do you know who Irene Rosenfeld is?She is a self-made millionaire, wife, widow, mother of two girls, philanthropist and – oh, by the way, CEO of Kraft Foods – one of only two women CEO’s of the 30 companies in the DOW Jones Industrial Average. In 2010, Forb

What Does Family Legacy Mean to You?

If you ask your friends, family and acquaintances what family legacy means, you may get a different answer from each. To some, it means their family genealogy and history. To others, it is a list of things that have been accomplished, or values and lessons of life that were handed down to them. Yet others may indicate that it is a set of character traits or skills; or a set of instructions or wishes for things to happen a certain way in the next generation(s). Then some will say it is Great Aunt Minnie’s diamond tiara or Grandpa Joe’s war diary.

Farmland Alternative Investments

Investors have been pouring money into farmland – especially Midwest USA land for the past few years. So much so,that the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City reported that fourth quarter 2010 prices for farmland surged 20%. Once again, readers, we have missed the boat on the next ‘hot’ alternative investment.

Identify Your Unique Family Culture

What is it, why identify it and how to go about doing so.

What the Heck is Sudden Wealth Syndrome?

Learn the symptoms in this short article.

Top 3 (by number of comments) staff posts on Prairie Eco Thrifter:

Top 3 (by number of comments) staff posts on Life and My Finances:

 Which are your favorites?