Best Holiday Buys for Financial Motivation

It’s that wonderful time of year again and I’m trying something new this year that I hope will help you with your gift shopping needs.

Family Money Values blog and site will both publish frequent ‘best buy’ type articles intended to share with you products we like and use that will move your family use your values to keep your family’s wealth and well being for generations to come.

Today, I explore books that motivate the reader to become wealthy.  As with most things in life, motivation must precede obtaining the knowledge, skill and persistence to accumulate wealth.  Here are several books to inspire that special person on your holiday list.

Think And Grow Rich: The Secret To Wealth Updated For The 21St Century

A 70 year classic inspired by Andrew Carnegie (whose fortune was won in steel). Carnegie encouraged Hill to study the large number of successful and wealthy people he knew. Think and Grow rich is based on the results of that research and has inspired people since the great depression.

The Wealthy Barber, Updated 3rd Edition: Everyone’s Commonsense Guide to Becoming Financially Independent

This novel in which the town barber dispenses financial advice to townspeople, inspires by showing the reader that there are simple steps to reach monetary comfort and richness.

The Richest Man in Babylon: Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century
Another classic (from 1926) – this time with parables set in ancient Babylon on how easy it is to grow your wealth.

Your Money or Your Life

A testimonial from The Simple Dollar speaks volumes:

“Your Money or Your Life has done more than any other book I’ve ever read in terms of changing how I view money. It truly brought to life the connection between the choices I make every day and the greater decisions I make about my life, and it opened my eyes to the value of frugality and day-to-day personal responsibility about my financial bottom line and that of my family.”

The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class

This book by Keith Cameron Smith, a self made millionaire by age 33, distills the motivational differences into a small and easy to read package.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Simple and part fictional, Robert Kiyosaki instructs and inspires readers on the benefits of working for yourself.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

JD Roth over at Get Rich Slowly describes this book as one that

“encourages readers to adopt mental attitudes that facilitate wealth. It’s about changing your psychological approach to money, success, and happiness.”

The Psychology of Wealth: Understand Your Relationship with Money and Achieve Prosperity

Clinical psychologist, Charles Richards provides stories from successful people – many of them from minority groups – on wealth. He explores what it is and how it is obtained.

 What is your favorite inspirational book on wealth topics?

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