What Women Want – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has rolled around once again. The retailers love it, guys hate it. Many claim it is a made up day to sell things – and things are sold.

The Gourmet Retailer reports that the National Retail Federation did a survey on how much people plan to spend – results were $168 from men and $85 from women. It’s not just the money at stake either, as most guys realize at some point.

Jerry Shapiro, who teaches counseling psychology at Santa Clara University in California is quoted in What Do Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day? “Valentine’s Day is like an IRS audit for guys,” he quips. “You know you’re going to lose something. You just hope it’s not a major organ.”

So with that much at stake – how do you know what to get your woman?

What surveyed women said they want.

In 2009, Heidi Brown did an informal survey for Forbes and found that they wanted their partners to communicate love and gratitude in their own words, wanted to be listened to without being offered solutions or judgments and wanted the gift to be tailored specifically to them – to fit their personality and experiences.

The Social Times reported on an iVillage survey that showed that 80% want to spend romantic time together; 45% of married women prefer a romantic dinner; and only 43% care about getting a card – but in addition to that 30% wanted poetry or sweet nothings whispered in her hear.

What do we really want?
We want to feel loved, listened to and pampered!
When I was little, my best friend used to get a box of chocolates from a boy every Valentine’s Day. I was so jealous – because a boy had publicly said he liked her and because she got chocolates!  Here is what I want and I think most women would agree with me.

You really don’t have to spend a bunch of money on us. Tell us and show us in your own unique way that we are loved and appreciated. Do something we like that you usually hate (a honey do, a day trip, a girlie movie or maybe even a visit to the in-laws).

Cards, flowers and candy are ok (certainly better than totally ignoring the day) but showing you know her by giving something pertinent to her life and personality is so much better. These can be things such as a back massage if she has been having a back issue, a thank you if she has spent time doing things for you instead of pursuing her own interests, or even just listening to her for a few hours without offering advice or judgment.

We want others to know that we are loved and appreciated.
Go ahead and get her those flowers, but have them delivered at work. Go ahead and praise her outstanding work, but do it in front of her parents. Give her a big hug, and do it in front of the kids.

According to a  florals survey(http://www.800florals.com/care/survey.asp) more than 100 million roses are sold at Valentine’s Day. Most (64%) of all flower purchases made on Valentine’s day are made by men (84% of those flowers are bought for the man’s significant other). Half of all the cut flowers sold on Valentines Day are roses.

Forbes found that the five most given gifts are candy, flowers, gift cards and clothing.

So girls, now that you are covered, what should you get your guy?

What guys want.
A survey by Pronto (check out their infographic below) says STEAK.

MSN tells us in 10 Things a Guy Really Wants for Valentine’s Day– and it’s not what you think. Some of the items listed were:

  • To be in a rock band
  • Silence – time away from you by themselves
  • A get out of jail free card for any upcoming marital screwups
  • You doing things for him (clothes worn for him, less makeup, fantasy sex)

All of you readers out there who haven’t yet found that perfect Valentine’s gift – don’t spend a bunch of money – get personal – and GET GOING today’s the day!!