Sustainable Personal Finance Guest Post

Green Grandparents

Lazy summer days remind me of the visits we took to my Grandparent’s farm when I was little. Grandma and Grandpa were Mid-Western farmers all their lives.

They lived through the beginning of the Industrial age (driving model Ts and model As back and forth from the Mid-West to California); through two world wars; as well as through the birth and advancement of commercial air flight. They weren’t educated past grade school, saw two sons and a grandson off to the service of the country and lost everything in the great depression.

When I was little, they farmed 200 acres – having worked hard to gain back ground lost in the depression.

Even then when I was a child, the difference between their lifestyle and my own city living was evident to me.

The simplicity of their lives enabled inexpensive living in a green manner.

Our guest post (A Green Mid-Twentieth Century) over on Sustainable Personal Finance describes some of the ways their lifestyle was eco friendly.

Sustainable Personal Finance
Sustainable Personal Finance is a blog developed by a husband/wife team to showcase the balancing of personal finance with sustainable living – without being preachy.  They have some great articles so hop on over to check them out and while you are there, take a peek at the list of short, easy to read, sustainability tips they have.

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