Millionaire Story – Trae Wieniewitz: Founder Wieniewitz Financial

Making of a Millionaire
Trae Wieniewitz built up a financial advisor business starting in 2001 after getting a finance degree from Louisana State University (LSU) and working for a Fortune 500 Wall Street Company.

In 2005, Katrina struck in his client region, destroying not only the homes and lives of his clientele but also threatening his hard won growth in the business.

Today he is a successful millionaire entrepreneur with a $15 million a year firm, proud new papa and sponsor of ‘Cruisin for a Cause’ in a community support non-profit in Knoxville, Tennessee USA

His Story, His Voice
Trae has been gracious enough to share his story with us, in his own words. Read why he left a Fortune 500 Wall Street Company, why he pulled up roots and moved his family and business after Katrina, how he re- built his business, and what it is like being a millionaire.

He also has some great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and future millionaires.


Have you ever started all over with an endeavor?

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