Millionaire Story – Jason and Rodney Carr

It’s not just an American Dream, these Canadian born and raised boys are living a family legacy of entrepreneurship.

Jason and Rodney Carr built Softline Home Fashions, Inc from a start up to a $50 million dollar business in 10 years and before either of them reached the age of 40. Softline is an importer and distributor of ready made curtains, decorative fabrics and pillows with multiple international offices, including headquarters in California.

The Family Legacy of Entrepreneurship

Their father and his partner ran owned and ran a company for 32 years. The Carr brothers and their sister grew up in an atmosphere of entrepreneurship. Both parents were business executives and provided mentorship for the brothers as they worked in all aspects (including warehouses, shipping, and management) of the family business. Jason and Rodney were close and always wanted to be entrepreneurs, but they longed to be out on their own. When their father sold his business, the boys wanted to continue working together so they transitioned out of the roles they had performed in their father’s business and started Softline Home Fashions, Inc in 2001.


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