Rich Dad’s Cash Flow 101 game teaches the concepts of

 balance sheets, income statements and the benefits of passive income.

Rich Dad’s Cash Flow 202 uses the board from 101, but

teaches advanced investing topics.

Classic Monopoly board game teaches basic concepts of

real estate investing.

The Game of Life shows kids how salary, school and choices

impact the ability to retire rich.


Charge Large is a board game that purports to teach you to

use credit smartly.  According to Hasbro’s site the game has

you “travel around the board using cash and your gold credit

card to scoop up prime properties. Buy strategically,borrow

wisely, and pay back quickly to earn a platinum card. (It also

helps to hit the lottery and collect rent!) If you’re the first to

have cash, a zero credit balance, and the coveted black credit

card, you’ve beaten the credit card blues, and won the game!

“Thrive Time is a board game for teens where teens start in

high school and have part time jobs. They will be faced with

money and life decisions like buying cars, managing expenses,

giving back to their community, paying for college,using

credit cards, buying stocks and starting businesses”.

Beat Debt is a board game that, according to the web site

has an object to: “Use your disposable income to purchase

investments or use it to pay off your credit card debt. The

first player to have a credit card balance of zero dollars

and an investment balance of $5,000 wins the game. Ages 10 and older for 2-6 players.”

Life Stories – The Game of Memories for Family and Friends

This game from Family Narratives, Inc. is an easy and fun way to draw out family stories and family history. It’s a board game that has tokens, dice, cards to draw and spaces to move. It poses questions to you the player, when you land on a space or draw a card. Questions (or alternatives to do – for young kids) range from Etchings (things that have happened in your lifetime) to Valuables (what is important to you and why) and memories (what you remember about specific things in your own past). We did a longer review on our blog – so take a peek there for more information!


Pay Day


Moneywise Kids helps kids learn about money and budgeting


Money Bags helps young children learn the value of coins and bills and helps them learn how to make change. A similar game that my Grandma Rie’s Money Camp used is called Presto Chango.


Pretend play is great for teaching the little ones about basic money and finance concepts. Check out this deluxe market set.


How about using a toy cash register to help your kids learn about money value and uses for money?.


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