Will Your Kids Be Better Off Than You?

Success... Wealth... Money...

These are the yardsticks against which we are measured. When we attain them, we want to pass the financial rewards along to our progeny but we don't always realize the repercussions. Will our families benefit or be harmed by our success and wealth? Will our kids or grand-kids run through our hard earned money? How do we use our wealth to provide opportunities, but yet make sure we don't suck away our descendents self esteem and drive? How can our family benefit for generations to come. These are the types of questions this website strives to focus on for you.

Our Goal at FamilyMoneyValues.com is to help families build and maintain wealth for generations.

Learn how to build generational wealth by:

  • Implementing a family organization;
  • helping to educate grand-children and great grand-children on family governance & legacy;
  • demonstrating to your children ways to enable cross generation actions and decision making;
  • working across generations to the financial benefit of each generation;
  • using giving as a means of practicing cross generation actions;
  • assisting and enhancing the natural flow of power form one generation to the next and
  • countering the American family tendency to isolate by generation.

Need help?

Choose WealthLet me help you choose wealth for yourself and your family.  It truly is a choice.  The decisions you make, now and in the future determine whether or not your family will become wealthy and leave a legacy for future generations.


Building wealth

Most of us aren't born with silver spoons.  As you work away, build your ability to become a wealthy family. It's not just about the money!

Living with wealth

Earning, saving and building wealth are just the first steps, now you need to learn how to manage it and train yourselves and your families to live with it. 

Passing wealth along

You've built it, you can live with it, but now you have to learn how to pass it along. Read about money psychology, training heirs, estate planning and more.